The Essential Laws of Pictures Explained

The Essential Laws of Pictures Explained

Keep Your Memories Alive with Senior Portraits

Whether you have just finished high school or have finally made it through all your college courses, a graduation is always something to celebrate. Make as many memories as you can of your senior life while you still can, before you fly off into the unknown world. One good idea of keeping the image of your senior life alive is through having a senior portrait taken.

Learning The Secrets About Photos

As soon as senior life begins, a senior portrait is taken, which basically refers to the formal photograph taken of all senior students at the beginning of the new school year. Senior portraits started out in America in the late 1880s, when photographers took to taking serious portrait shots of the students wearing their togas and graduation caps. This type of senior portrait, wherein students wore their graduation attire, changed after a few decades, to the male students wearing smart looking tuxedo jackets, and the female students creating the illusion of wearing a formal gown through using silk and fur drapes and a string of pearls.

A Quick History of Photos

Nowadays, the trend has changed even more from a single type of pose and strict clothing choices, to virtually any type of photo as long as it remains in the boundaries of good taste and modesty. Some seniors took to wearing their best clothes for the senior portrait, while others decided to include their pets in their moment of glory. One trend for student athletes was for them to wear their uniform or Letterman jacket to the senior portrait shoot, wherein they usually posed with something representing the sport the played, like a baseball bat or a volleyball.

There are many different things you can do with your senior portrait. Senior portraits are usually added into the school year book and the graduation announcements, but they may also be given away to close friends and relatives, in order for them to remember the day you took another step into this big, big world. A lot of parents also turn to printing a large copy of their child’s senior portrait, in order to have in framed and hung in the living room, for all their guests, friends and relatives to admire; remember, a child’s graduation is an achievement for the parents as well.

No matter what you use it for, it is always a good idea to have your senior portrait taken, even if you have no plans of what to do with it just yet. A few tips to keep in mind to make sure that your senior portrait turns out nice, is to always wear something decent, do not go overboard with the make-up or special effects, use only a limited number of props and to choose a background that fits the mood of the photograph, one that is neither too noisy nor too overwhelming.