NECA NATHAN DRAKE Ultimate Action Figure Review

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For this review we are looking at the uncharted 4 Nathan Drake ultimate edition action figure from Neca and they are not lying. This is the ultimate Nathan Drake action figure line. No we don’t have much to compare to but it is a very well done figure there’s lots of stuff to be happy about only a few things to not be happy about we’re going to talk about all of it right here so let’s get off the stand and take a closer look.


This figure stands just about 7 inches tall which makes it just shy of 18 centimeters standard scale for Neca it’s going to fit in just fine with all of your other Neca figures which I have to say would be a pretty impressive set of figures between credo, Nathan Drake and all of the heroes of the storm guys and all that kind of stuff it’s a lot of fun to collect these gaming figures. I wish more companies would do it but we are getting some really good figure.

So first things first, how this guy look? first impressions – paint job is pretty good that does lead me to one of my things that’s slightly gripy is the wear marks. You see we have tons of shading throughout all the pants there are spots that look kind of just missed. Now you could make the argument it’s supposed to look like that that he didn’t get dirty there which is fine accepted so universally everywhere except for those spots it does look a little bit unintentional but again it’s not a big deal it’s just something to note.


All of the the dry brushing and wear on the shirt little bit of blood it all looks really good everything’s textured on this guy, all the cloth is textured, all the dry brushing the dirtiness looks really really nice and I love the sculpt work on the shirt it’s very natural looking so that’s good. We have all kinds of details sculpted in for the seams and buttons and buckles and just everything. It’s all painted you can see we have the silver belt buckle in there we have silver up here everything just looks really really nice. I’m very happy about that.

The anatomy parts the arms the neck the head all that looks really good I’m very pleased with the sculpt work. The only other gripe I have paint wise is that he’s a little pink just a little bit you can see a little bit probably too much pink in some of the shading but it’s not bad I mean it’s not like it’s gonna stand until that looks really bad no it’s just something you’ll notice probably and then kind of your eyes a little adjusting will be no big deal. so that’s it. I did remember one other thing. His ring is not painted on this first hand or on his alternate hand which is I’m assuming suppose to be painted like a ring I’m told here’s a ring I saw something in my my game creatures on like that. So it’s not painted.


That is not a huge deal because I guess you could do it yourself or you really shouldn’t have too so it’s a bit of a bummer maybe it’s just my I don’t know good luck if you guys are getting this figure that your ring is painted.

Let’s talk accessories. He does have the pistol which I have in his holster. He has the wound up grappling hook that pegs into his belt. He has the unwound grappling hook which has real rope on it so that’s pretty cool. He has an A. K. 47 which is nicely detailed look pretty good. Here’s an alternate head which has an angry face on it which looks really nice I love the paint work on the face. It’s really really good any has a total of 4 hands the 2 fist hands and then one trigger finger hand and then one gripping hand for the grappling hook so pretty nice spread of accessories on top of a really well detailed figure.





So now all we have to do is decide is the articulation any good? I did tell you that Neca has really stepped up their game with articulation you can compare this guy to like the contra guys which are older figures. And you’ll see how nice this really is. The head is on a ball Peck and it moves around nicely and does swap out fairly easily it’s stiff so you don’t just knock it off but when you pull it off you’ll see it’s mostly just a straight pecks you have to worry about breaking anything unless you really cracked down on it at a funny angle. So the head moves really well. It rotates without a problem. Can lean side to side a little bit up and down a decent amount more than most figures and It looks really natural looks really realistic I like it.

I like the shading on the hair and scalp in the hair even the the facial hair sure could be better but for a figure this size at this price point that’s pretty fantastic. Now all of the shirt is actually an over layer of really soft rubber or soft plastic and he’s pretty skinny underneath but that’s fine it allows for the articulation you do have an AB crunch in there that works pretty well and I’m not sure if it’s a ball peck or an actual hinge it feels like you move like a hinge. But then you can do it from side to side to some guessing it’s a ball peck but as you can see you get really good range out of it. The shirt bunches a little bit here and there but you can kind of pose that away and I like it I really really like that they gave you their range of motion with that over sure looks so good when you have your waist first of course also so that’s good.


Now for the shoulders we have our standard ball hinge not quite perfectly horizontal but pretty darn close and then it’ll rotate all the way around no problem there by subsumes good single joint available but you get just shy of 90 degrees. And if you need it you have more rotation for the wrist since they’re interchangeable you have a swivel and of course there’s a hinge in there, be careful with that hands the pegs aren’t huge you could possibly break them.


Now he’s got the soft plastic for the top part of his pants so you can bring his legs pretty much all the way forward no problem at all there. I do go back a little bit they go all the way out to the side so that’s really good it’s a little odd that his crotch piece is flesh tone! it’s a little disconcerting when you posing with his legs spread all the way out to the site but I would just recommend you don’t do that and don’t stare at his crotch, it could definitely be better but it’s not a deal breaker.


You do get a really nice thighs swivel out of those legs. For the knees we have our double jointed knee which works really well. I like that full range and then for the ankle. Now this is a little bit of a bummer and I hope they figure out some way to incorporate a little bit of a more effective ankle joint because most of their figures just have this ball peg and it is very limiting you can see we don’t have much range forward and back and just the tiniest bit of an ankle rocker so it does limit what you can do with the figure quite a bit I don’t think it’s a deal breaker because the rest of the figure is just so darn good I mean it looks like I’m holding a video game character in my hand which I am very happy about that. I recommend this 100 percent. I have no ties to Nathan Drake or uncharted never even seen the game be played other than if I happened across it and then I didn’t continue to watch it and I’m very happy to own this figure despite having no connection to it and also I think you guys that do like uncharted are gonna be all over it. Keep collecting!

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