DC Comics Icons: Batman Last Rights Action Figure – Hands on Review



In this review we are looking at the D.C collectibles or DC icons’ Batman. which I was really excited. I’m kind of partial to Batman and a good Batman figure is always a good thing as far as I’m concerned. And here’s the thing, I’ve been told that most people are giving these figures really high praises. I’ve been told that some people are saying it’s lousy. And I have to say it’s kind of somewhere in the middle. I’ll give you an overall judgment by the end of the review but for now it’s just some parts are great and some parts are horrible. So let’s just take a look at it and we’ll go from there.


He stands roughly, to many people’s surprise, to the top of his ears, 6 inches, which makes him only about 15.5 centimeters or very close to that. In comparison to the DC universe classics figure which is 6 inch scale, are slightly bigger than 6 inch scale all he gets dwarfed. Now here’s the thing. These guys are supposedly in the actual 1:12 scale and I’ve been told this particular version of Batman is not Bruce Wayne. So he should be around 5’10” or 5’11” in real life which would put in just under 6 inches in this scale. So technically it’s accurate if that’s how you’re doing it. And that’s technically a good thing except for the fact that none of the figures that are technically in the 6 inch scale are actually in the 6 inch scale they’re all like this – even Marvel legends are slightly bigger than they should be.


So that could be a problem for some people. If you are the kind of person that doesn’t care about things matching in size then I cannot fault it for being small overall because it is technically in the proper scale. so like that’s okay but that’s up to you to decide what you think about that. Now what I can fault it for is,there are quite a few things. Now let’s just go through it first let’s look at the accessories we get.

We get two Fist hands on the figure come that way in the package. Then we also get couple of other hands which are gripping hands – For the battering which is cool and then an aligned launcher which is kinda cool. It has the line that actually goes through it with the hook on that end in the rope and then on the opposite end we have a little ball. So, that’s cool and then lastly we have the 2 Bat rings which are nice. So he’s got some cool accessories and that’s a good thing they did a good job with those interchangeable hands, that’s fine, that’s nice. Now it depends on what you like in terms of articulation and sculpt and paint on. Obviously he’s got a better paint application and a unique sculpt, so he’s definitely above par in terms of the 6 inch figure better than DC, Marvel legends etc. technically speaking.

Most of the sculpt is really good. Most of the paint is lined up nicely. You can see the belt has some shading on it and the gold paint and the little buttons and things are good. The gloves and boots are kind of glossy compared to the rest of the outfit. So that’s a good thing. The bat logo on his chest is lined up nicely that’s a good thing. The face paint is okay it’s not great. The one I bought had a couple of spots in there but it’s not bad so that’s a good thing.


This is such an enigma of a figure no pun intended, there are some serious issues. To me his arms look way too short and maybe it’s just because his shoulders are particularly narrow and maybe that’s what it’s supposed to be since it’s not Bruce Wayne but compared to his legs his upper half just seems quite a bit small, it seems out of proportion, it looks a little bit off. That’s something I can over look, that’s not the hugest deal but I can’t overlook the fact that they’ve sculpted a belly button right near the chest when it should be down one set of ABS. Nobody has their belly button that high nobody. You may look where it is in relation to his junk. Nobody’s belly button goes up in that far unless that’s not supposed to be a belly button but if it is and it sure looks like it is way too high and it looks really really weird.

He’s got a 6 pack or if you want to cut this top row underneath the pecks, I’m not sure how people count those where you have this kind of lower part of the abdominals that goes down into the junk than this upper said that goes in by the pecks when you have that 4 pack that always in between somewhere. The belly button should be down at the bottom of that but it’s not so that looks really really weird to me on maybe other people didn’t notice that but It looks really really weird. Otherwise the sculpt work is pretty darn good. I think it’s got a very nice organic look to it. A lot of our figures these days are really blocky looking so that’s a good thing and it looks really nice.

I love the way they did the Cape. I like the style of Cape in the way it hangs that’s all good on them. Now we have to talk about the articulation which is really hit or miss. On this guy we have a single bald head for the head which I think is not really sufficient. You can’t pose the head very well at all and it barely leans from side to side. You can’t rotate it but as far as looking up and down. You get that. So you really can’t pose the head very well at all and it’s super tight where you can’t move it so that’s kind of a problem.


The shoulders – they don’t really have an issue. They do look a little bit strange when you bring them out just because of the way they’re offset but that’s the kind of thing I can overlook because they did that you can bring the arms all the way down. So they go straight down no problem. So that’s a good thing full range motion. This way we have a biceps so that’s a good thing. We have double jointed elbows but the way the pegs are set, you still don’t get much better than 90 degrees and you can play around with it to try to get it to do better  if you move the top one first. A little bit you can kind of force it to go just better than 90 but not by a whole lot. so the elbow is not that great of situation for being a double joints 90 degrees isn’t that good. There’s no rotation back here on the wrist obviously because they are interchangeable so we can just rotate them and hinge them on their joints no problem there.

For the torso articulation we have a diaphragm joint and I’m not entirely sure how it’s built because I haven’t taken any of these apart well but it’s super duper tight. I was told that some people even got them and they were stuck upon opening the package so you had to finagle with that. Mine was all stock and is just really tight and if you push it all way back it leans back a pretty good ways in conjunction with the AB crunch. Still looks weird because of that belly button. And then you can lean it forward but the diaphragm joint doesn’t go too far forward does a little bit, most of that’s coming from that lower ABS crunch. So you get about 45 degrees worth of play in the AB crunch which is probably enough but for having 2 points of articulation in the torso, he doesn’t really have that much range and then as far as rotation you have to really force that diaphragm joint and then it looks pretty weird. The way they did that with those little dosaraider muscles. It’s not technically what they’re called but with those muscles they’re having those come down it does look a little bit weird it’s not enough to really, not by the figure of course, but it’s an interesting design and I don’t know about it.


So far it’s okay. As far as the hips go, we can bring all the way out to the side the splits work wonderfully no problem at all, the joints are nicely sculpted everything looks good do you want to bring the legs forward, you really can’t. That’s not good. Batman is supposed to be more agile and you can’t even bring his leg forward. So that sucks. There’s no thigh swivel either no way to rotate the thigh. Double jointed knee works fine so that’s a good thing nothing really surprising there we have a boot swivel but here’s the thing about the boots of an you can already see it. The sculpt is horrible. When you wind it up. It lines up on the side and sticks out way far on other side on both boots. There’s a huge flat gap right at front and there’s almost no gap in on the back. It doesn’t line up at all properly and looks really bad. I don’t know what they were thinking when they did that but they weren’t well executing properly.


As far as the ankles go, we get good range so that’s good forward and back. The ankle rockers look like the new Marvel legends but it’s really a it’s a really vertical pegs of the foot comes off at the weirdest angles so in order to actually use that ankle rocker, you have to rotate the boot around in order to get the foot into usable position which looks really bad.

So a lot of things on this guy are probably good on paper but in practice there really poorly executed and it makes the figure over all kind of a dud. The torso articulation being so limited is not cool ,the hips being terribly limited is really not cool and then head not working that well is pretty bad then we have the shims and the ankles that don’t work well together so articulation was, even though it’s all there, it doesn’t work that well. When saw their launch video when they first showed this often they showed the diagram of all the articulation, they mislabelled most of it. That made me really worried and now that they’ve produced the figure and it’s at least half way not well done. It is I don’t know what they’re doing, It’s not cool.

It looks good basically a standing pose. It’s half way a failure and halfway pretty cool so I don’t know. I’ve heard the other figures are better than Batman but that’s kinda disappointing considering Batman’s like “Batman” so I don’t know whether you like this figure or not I can’t really say objectively what it if it’s good or bad because there’s so much going either way so it’s kind of up to you to just decide what you think. I’m gonna say I only halfway recommend it as a as a rule I can’t really go too far either way because there’s good things and bad things. It’s definitely not what I thought would be it’s pretty disappointing in that it was suppose to be great and It’s at least half bad.


Let me know your comments and keep collecting!