LEGO: Christmas Show

This week, LEGO presented its latest news and products for Christmas to the press, bloggers and particularly for small and large children. In the program, all of the LEGO product lines including the most popular , Star Wars, LEGO City, Ninjago, Duplo and Friends.

As I’m not particularly attracted to childish product lines, I decided to only speak of the range Star Wars, Marvel Super Heroes DC Comics Super Heroes Technic, Nexo Knights, City, Minecraft and Ninjago.

LEGO Star Wars

The saga finally offer some pretty new since the release of Star Wars VII and with the arrival of Rogue One. After the new version of the Millennium Falcon and X-Wing and for the release of Rogue in December, new buildings are added to the catalog. Fans will discover 7 new boxes:

  • Rebel U-Wing Fighter (75155) including 5 minifigs (Bistan, Cassian Andor, Jyn Erso, Rebel Trooper and U-Wing) – 659 pieces sold about 85 €
  • Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle (75156) including 6 minifigs (Ddhi Rook, Pao-K 2 SO, Director Krennic and 2 x Imperial Death Trooper) – 863 pieces sold about 100 €
  • AT-ST Walker (75153) with 3 minifigs (Baze Malbus, AT-ST Driver and Rebel Trooper) – 449 pieces sold about 55 €
  • K-2 SO (75120) – 169 pieces sold about 25 €
  • Imperial Death Trooper (75121) – 106 pieces sold about 25 €
  • Tie Striker (75154) with 4 minifigs (Shoretrooper Imperial, Imperial Ground Crew, Tie Pilot and Rebel Trooper) – 543 rooms
  • Sergeant Jyn Erso (75119) – 104 pieces sold about 25 €

In view of the upcoming release of the film, other clubs will certainly be added to this collection .Boxes LEGO Star Wars ROGUE One will be available from September 30 in store.

LEGO Ninjago

Ninjago is the great animated series for kids a hit (yes, I watch). Moreover, a film based on the franchise will be released end of September and the LEGO Ninjago are in dimensions play. The story is quite nice, quite inspired by the Power Rangers and Ninja Turtles with each of the young ninjas, a stuff and expertise of its own.

Inevitably declined figurines, fantasy license no shortage of toys for younger looking with extraordinary stories in a world where magic, strength and skill of spinjitsu are the only weapons our hero to save humanity.

LEGO Minecraft

For players who lived in a cave for the past five years, Minecraft is the king game . Bought some small billion video game turned into a cash cow and derivatives of all kinds continue to rain. But the cubic video game has just found an excellent port construction game through LEGO .

Cubic game turned into small bricks havoc and boxes toy building are linked. The latest being the Wither, a fearsome monster , the second boss in the video game that can be invoked by the player.

LEGO Technic

Technic range was performed for big kids . Those who love riding cars, helicopters and various otherbuildings that are realistic, sometimes massive and functional with integrated motors.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Video games and action figures are from this license which puts on the front of the stage u n many heroes of the Marvel Universe . With the recent release of new Marvel movies, the range continues to expand and offer at each new release movies, new boxes combining figurines construction and vehicles of all kinds.

LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes

Marvel is not necessarily the only comics publishing house has the right to see his heroes and appear on console and in the LEGO games shelving. And thus the same title, you can easily find the many heroes of DC and all vehicles and own constructions to the superhero universe in small boxes of bricks .


LEGO City is a bit my city, my universe . Once again this license has been adapted into a popular video game and very well done available exclusively on Wii U. As its name suggests, LEGO City includes many dishes inspired constructions and the current environment .


LEGO Knights Nexo

Nexo Knights inspired by chivalry , royalty and inserts it into a futuristic universe. A collection of LEGO for young people who dream of adventure, armor, swords, magic and fantastic monsters .